Growing healthy climbing roses

Climbing roses require the same conditions like any other type of roses: sunlight, water and fertile soil. Keeping them healthy is quite easy and requires minimum care.

The sunlight and the watering can be easily done.

What is a little bit trickier is the soil feeding. There are a few things you need to consider.

Time to feed

The best time to start feeding the roses is in the spring when they start growing. First of all you will need to water them properly after the last frost. Add water at the base of the plant until the soil is soaked.

This needs to be done two days before applying the fertilizer. There are two types of fertilizers: one with a slow-release and one liquid fish fertilizer. The first one it’s the most common used.


What you should use is common commercial rose food. Let the fertilizer do its thing and then use the rose food. You will need to work a little the surface of the ground near the base of the rose. This will ensure a quicker feeding process.


It’s not enough to feed the rose once. You need to do it after every bloom. It’s the same process that needs to be done again. Begin with the watering.


It’s important to know where different types of climbing roses bloom so that you can make a calendar and mark the periods when you should feed the rose.

Using mulch

It’s important to protect the roots and prevent moisture from evaporating from the soil. To do this you can use mulch. Add a few layers at the base of each plant. You can also use some compost to continue feeding the rose, but not to much as to stimulate growth.

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