Growing hybrid tea rose bushes

Considered the most beautiful type of rose bushes, the hybrid rose bushes are a favorite amongst roses because of their big colorful blooms and repeated flowering. You can make this rose variety through a process called grafting.

Things you need

  • Tea Rose Bush
  • Hybrid Perpetual Rose Bush
  • Scissors

Rose bushes

To create the hybrid tea rose bush you need to cross a tea rose bush with a hybrid perpetuals.

The rose will need to act as a sort of anchor. Most of the characteristics of the new plant will be passed on from the tea rose bush. Make sure the plants are healthy and have the desired features.

Grafting process

After you settle on what plants you will use, make an incision in a branch of the tea rose bush but only through the bark of the plant. The stem of the second bush needs to be secured inside the incision made earlier. Use grafting tape and twist ties to secure the stem to the rose bush. The hybrid tea rose will grow out of the graft you made.

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