Growing miniature roses

Miniature roses are, almost all of them, grown from other plants and not from seeds, contrary to popular beliefs. Growing new miniature roses is quite easy. Follow the next steps to make your own.

Choosing a location in your garden

Miniature roses will need to be placed in a spot where they have at least four hours of sunlight per day. You will need to place them in large baskets because they will thrive if they are raised, because of the air flow and also because of the sunshine duration.

Watering miniature roses

Miniature roses need quite a lot of water. They will need to be water daily, mainly because, being suspended, the air flow will dry the roots. But still, they do not need much water, because the roots can rot quickly.

Soil composition

Because the roots of the miniature roses are quite fragile, they will need help to stay strong. You should add some vermiculite or peat moss to help the roots stay more flexible, by retaining water.

Also use a liquid-based fertilizer to help the plant grow strong. Use it monthly.


The main problems for roses, not just miniature roses, are insects and fungus. The best way to prevent such problems is to ask a professional about the safest ways to prevent them.

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