Growing primroses

Primroses are the perfect type of roses for people that have just started gardening. Primroses offer attractive flowers that will enhance the look of your garden and home.

How to plant primroses

The most important thing for primroses is the soil.

You should choose an acidic soil. It needs to be rich ad moist. Another great thing about primroses is that they thrive in shade. You can plant them near trees with no problem. The perfect time to plant these roses is in early spring and they should be planted 6 inches from one another.

Primroses varieties

Primroses come in many varieties and color and it should be quite easy for you to find the best one for your garden and home. If your garden has boggy areas, then it’s best to plant some Candelabra or Japanese primroses. Japanese primroses come in white, purple and red colors. Candelabra roses are orange and yellow.

You can also plant evening primroses. They grow a little taller than the day ones, up to 5 feet.

Caring for the primroses

Caring for the primroses is very simple. You need to water the roses very well and you need to plant them in a soil that drains well. You can also use some fertilizer once a month to give them a boost.

Pruning is also an essential task for primroses. They like aggressive pruning. After the flowers have faded you can cut off the whole stem encasement. This way you will encourage the plant to bloom again.

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