Growing roses from cuttings

All you need to grow roses from cuttings is handle a few basic skills.

Time to cut

It’s very important to know when cut the bushes. One easy trick that will help you determine if you need to make some cutting is to push a thorn on the stem with your thumb.

If it pops, then it’s ready to be cut. If it bends, then it means it’s too young.

Protect the cut area

You need to make a clean cut. To do this, use a very sharp knife or a pruning sheer. You can also use a spray desiccant. If you apply it on the stem, before the cut, then it will retain more moisture. After the cut, use an anti-fungal powder. This will prevent mold and bacteria.

Rooting the bushes

For the new plants, you will need to have a good, sterile planting soil. It will need to be mildly moist. Because the rootings like warm areas, you need to place a cup, or a cut bottom from a plastic bottle and place it on top of them. They do not need the sun, so it’s ok. You will need to let them stay like this for about 4 weeks.

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