Heirloom rose garden

All roses are great for your garden. It just depends on the atmosphere that you want to create and on the colors you want to choose. Heirloom roses are one of those varieties that will create an antique feeling in your garden.

Heirloom roses are also loved for their fragrance and full bloom.

Types of heirloom roses

Gallicas roses

The Gallicas roses have been around since the Roman and Greek empires. Just think of it like Cleopatra used to pick such roses from the gardens of Rome. This type of rose has an intense deep color and also a strong fragrance. Charles de Mills and Empress Josephine are two particular types of Gallicas Roses.

Damask roses

Some historians believe that the Damask roses are a result of breading Gallicas roses and wild Persian rose varieties. Damask roses have flowers that are a little paler in color. Their fragrance is also very powerful and some of the particular varieties are Madame Hardy and La Ville de Bruxelles.

Alba roses

Alba roses are believed to have been first found in the wilderness, being the work of Mother Nature. They have a tree-like structure and they usually have white flowers with a sharp fragrance. Although their flowers are not that big, if seen collectively, they can be superb.

Centifolia roses

The Centifolia roses have been developed in the seventeenth century by the Dutch. Almost all Cnetofilia roses have a pink color. Three of such roses are: Tour De Malakoff, Fantin-Latour and Paul Ricault.

Moss roses

Moss roses are original from France, Carcassonne region. They have a mossy-like appearance on their sepalt, leaves and stems. Some famous varieties are: Old Pink Moss, Salte and Nuit de Young.

No matter which of the above varieties you will choose, you will always have a beautiful garden, full of amazing fragrances and beautiful colors.

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