How to design your rose garden

If you’ve decided to add a touch of taste to your garden and transform it into something more special, then you should consider a few things. First of all you need to decide on the shape of the garden, the visual effect, the scent and the seasons the roses bloom.

Garden shape

You need to think which type of roses you like most.

For example, you can plant climbing roses, miniature roses or normal bush roses. You can also opt for pot roses. The advantage of pot roses is that you can arrange them the way you want and move them from place to place from time to time.

Visual effect

Here you need to think what color should the flowers be. Do you want multiple colors, or just one? Also you need to think of the size of the flowers. Do you want to sacrifice scent for beautiful blossoms?

Rose garden scent

To achieve the perfect balance of color, shape and scent, you will need to plant different varieties of roses in your garden. Old heritage roses have a strong scent, while newer varieties have a great aspect.

When do they bloom?

Before you start planting you need to consider the blooming period of each of the varieties of roses. The best thing that you can do is plant multiple varieties that have multiple blossoming periods.

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