How to extend the blooming period for petunias

Petunias are flowers that bloom annually, adding color to a garden from spring till the late autumn. They are available in many different colors and sizes and are suitable both for pots and flowerbeds. Removing the spent flowers and stems stops seed production and stimulates blooming.

The flowers will have a nicer and healthier aspect if deadheading is applied.

How to do it:

  1. When petunias start blooming, check them every week to see if there are any droopy flowers or stems.
  2. Grasp each stem between your fingers and remove droopy flowers. You can also use a special pair of shears; cut the plant to a 45 degree angle. Throw away the spent flowers or use them as an organic fertilizer.
  3. Keep deadheading petunias during all blooming period.
  4. When a plant has grown too high, cut it entirely. Use a pair of special shears to trim off the top of the petunia.
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