How to grow a miniature rose bush

Whether if you wish to grow it indoors or outdoors, the miniature rose bush is a very beautiful plant that requires almost no maintenance and is easy to grow.


Keep in mind that the miniature rose bush can still reach 4 feet in height. It requires a lot of sunlight and space.

Place it in an open area next to a window. Wide gaps between the leaves of the plant mean that the plant requires more sunlight. Mare sure to water the plant and keep  its soil moist and don’t forget to wash the leaves’ top and underside weekly.


You can plant a miniature rose bush outside, in a hanging basket or pot that goes directly into the ground. Place the plant in an area with plenty of sunlight and make sure the soil it is placed in is always moist, especially in the first 3 weeks. Maintain the plant as you would with any other miniature rose bush.

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