How to grow black roses

Black roses are one of the rose varieties that are most popular. They offer an antique look to your home, but they can be planted near more modern homes as well. They are unique in appearance.

If you have decided to grow black roses in your garden, then here are a few tips on how to do it the right way.


First of all you will need to decide where to plant the roses. You need to think if they will be visible and also if they will have enough sun light to grow healthy. Black roses look great near hybrid roses and in the middle of a perennial bed.

Black rose breed

There are a few kinds of black roses and you need to decide which one you will plant. If you want a kind that has red flowers that blooms easily and that is resistant to diseases, then the black cherry floribunda rose is perfect for you. If you want black buds and lots of blossoms, then you should plant the black baccara. This rose is also named the tea rose. It can be planted in more humid climates because they are very easy to grow.


Before you plant the roses, you will need to prepare the soil. Use a fork to aerate the soil and mix it with fertilizer and mulch. After you have made this mix, you can plant the rose, by placing it in the hole and then covering it’s roots with mulch. Water the plant after you have packed the soil.

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