How to grow lush cabbage roses

The name cabbage roses comes from their multi-petaled growth and thickness. Cabbage roses are a great addition to any garden. The flowers have a great smell and also they will add a lot of color to your home.

You will need a few tools and materials, like a pruning shear, some soil fertilizer and insect repellent.

About roses

Roses are plants that do need a lot of caring, although they are sturdy plants. If you do not like to take care of plants, then you should consider some other plants, that do not require so much work.

Always buy the best seeds or bushes. You can even buy roses online.

After you have purchase the plants, make sure you choose a good spot in your garden for them. They must have at least 5 hours of sun light per day.

Fertilizing the soil

To grow healthy and strong, every rose needs the best soil. Besides the fact that it needs to be fertile, it also needs to have good drainage. Otherwise, the water will puddle and cause fungus to appear on the plants.

You should add some soil fertilizers once, or twice a year, to boost the plant growth. Make sure you read the instructions well before you add any.

Pruning the roses

Pruning is an important part of the growth process of cabbage roses. If you want to have multiple blooms a year, you will need to remove the new shoots and buds. Keeping one or two buds on a stem will ensure a larger blossom. Also remove dead leaves and branches.

Insect protection

Insects are a common problem on every garden. To protect your roses, you will need to buy an insect repellent and use it once a month, or when you consider it’s needed.

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