How to grow roses from buds

Rose are a beautiful addition to any garden. They are simple to grow and also easy to maintain. You can find many rose varieties and you can grow them all in your garden.

Some of the materials that you will need are:

  • rose buds – the stem needs to be intact
  • small bamboo stick
  • plant pot
  • plastic container
  • garden gloves
  • sharp knife
  • hand trowel


Use sand and fertilizer to fill the plant pot. Here is where the bamboo stick is used. Dig a small hole for the bud, in the soil from the pot, with the bamboo stick. The bud needs to stay close to the top of the soil.

Bud stems

One trick is to make a few small cuts into the stem, using a sharp knife. After you have secured the rose bud into the pot, cover it with a plastic container. This will create a warm environment for the plant to grow. You will need to water the bud regularly.

Growing the plant

When the plant is grown, it will need to be moved into another pot, or into your garden. The thing is that it will be difficult to get out from the pot, because is will have roots that will be anchored in the ground.

Choosing a location

There are a few things to consider when moving the plants into the garden. The new roses will need a lot of light. At least 6 hours of light per day. So choose a place in your garden that can offer these benefits.

Transplanting the roses

First of all you will need to dig a hole using the hand trowel. Then remove the rose from the pot and place it into the hole in your garden. The next thing you will need to do is secure the plant into place with soil and water and then cover it with a plastic container, in order to protects it from the environment and also recreate the warm environment. You can remove the container, after the rose has started flourishing.

Caring for the roses

You will need to water the bush regularly. Avoid watering it in the winter. In colder days it’s best to cover the base of the roses with a layer of mulch.

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