How to grow roses in humid areas

It’s essential to find the right state for growing roses. Some roses can endure more extreme temperatures, while other are very intolerant. If you live in a humid area, then it can be very challenging to grow roses, but not impossible.

If you are determined to grow roses, then here are a few tips on how you can do it.

  • two things are of great important when you plant roses in humid areas: the soil and the sun light. Besides the fact that you need to plant the roses in a spot where they will enjoy at least 4-5 hours of sun light per day, they also need to be planted in a soil that has good drainage.
  • you also need not to have other bushes or trees near the plants, because they will not allow the air to circulate and they will also eat up all the nutrients in the soil.
  • always use organic fertilizers for the soil and also make sure that the soil has the right pH.
  • if you are planting roses from containers, then you will need to make a hole in your garden that is as large as the root ball.
  • be very careful when you remove the root ball from the pot or container, because the roots are very fragile.
  • after you have placed the plant in the hole you will need to add peat moss, rich soil and fertile over the roots. Also add a layer of mulch at the base of the plant.
  • it’s important to water the roses but not too often or too much because the humidity level is higher than normal. Apply soil fertilizer monthly.
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