How to plant double knockout roses

Rose gardens can hardly be compared to any other garden. Roses are extremely beautiful, offer a great fragrance and they come in many varieties. Double knockout roses are one of these varieties that has been introduces in the late 2004.

These roses are very resistant to diseases and pests and will surely enhance your garden. Here are some tips on how to plant double knockout roses:

  • first of all you will need to find a place in your garden that gets at least 4-5 hours of sun light per day. Double knockout roses need a considerable amount of sun light.
  • the second thing you need to consider is the soil. It needs to be well drained to prevent any root rotting. It also has to be fertile. You can do this by using compost and chemical fertilizers. The best type of soil for knockout roses is the acidic one.
  • because these roses tend to spread a lot in your garden, you will need to leave a considerable space between the bushes or between the roses and other plants.
  • the best way to enrich the soil is by using peat moss, manure or pine bark mulch. You need to know that mulch helps the soil retain water.
  • it’s also important to water the plant frequently.
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