How to propagate roses from cuttings

Roses can be found in hundreds of varieties and in many colors. They are beautiful flowers that have a great scent and look. There are many ways to propagate roses in your garden, and one of them is by using cuttings.

Here what you will need to do:

Taking the cuttings

First of all you will need to find a rose that is healthy, free from insects and diseases. The best time to take cuttings is from November to February. It’s best for the cuttings to have a few leaves in order to grow quicker. It’s also good to take cuttings from the stems that have bloomed recently. These will grow roots quicker.

Making the cut

You will need to cut a 8-inch-long cutting from the rose. Use a very sharp knife to make a 45 degree angle cut. After making the cut, it’s important not to let it dry. So you can place it in a bag of water.

How to prepare the cuttings

First of all, remove the leaves from the base of the cutting. Do not remove all the leaves. Now you can dip them in the rooting hormone. This will encourage root growth. Only dip the base of the cutting.

If you do not want to use a commercial root hormone stimulant, then you can use some willow water.

How to plant the cuttings

Now it’s time to find the perfect spot for the new roses. Choose a sunny area. You can also plant the rose cutting in a pot. Make a 3-inch-deep hole in the pot or soil and place the cuttings. Next take some jars that are bug enough to house the entire cutting, and place them upside down over them. It’s very important to do this, because you will create a warm and moist environment.


Although the cutting is placed in a moist environment, it will still need watering. Add a little water frequently. Leave the jar over the cuttings for 8 weeks, until new leaves will start appearing.


Cuttings that were planted in the garden do not need more special treatment. You just need to remove the jar and that’s it. If you have placed the cuttings in a pot, then you will need to carefully take the cutting out, with its roots and plant it in the garden.

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