How to prune miniature roses

Pruning miniature roses needs to be done like to any other variety of roses. You will need to start pruning the roses one year after they have been planted in your garden.


Because of their size, you will need smaller shears for a better precision.

Miniature roses have many bud nodules and you will need to be able to make cuts between them. Gather the leaves fallen with a hand rake.

How to prune

The best way to prune miniature roses, if they are planted in a pot, is to place them at your eye level, or on a higher level to have a better access and view. You will need to remove dead leaves, twigs and start removing twigs from the base of the plant.

Cleaning the place

You will also need to remove the weeds near the rose. This will allow the miniature roses to have more space. Remove all the twigs and leaves.

Pruning the miniature roses is very important because this way you will stimulate the plant to grow and bloom more abundantly.

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