How to treat flowers for pests - knock out roses

Like any other flowers and plants, knock out roses are also prone to pest infestation. The problem is that you cannot use powerful chemicals to get rid of the insects, because you will damage the flowers too. Here are a few solutions to help you get rid of insects without harming the flowers.


Aphids and Japanese beetles are the most common insects that attack knock out roses. These insects are drawn by the sweet smelling blossoms of the leaves. It can be a little time consuming to get rid of all these insects.

Using organic pesticides

The best solution for getting rid of insects is to first of all repel them. You can thus use some organic pesticides on your plants. Neem oil is one of the most effective ones.

Feeding and caring for the plant

It’s also very important how you take care of the plant. You can use plants, like Marigolds, that are natural insect repellents. You should also try and treat the soil and then use the plant method.

Soil care

In order for the plant to grow strong, you will need to use an organic fertilizer. One of the best ones are cotton seed meals. Having a rich soil will help the plant fight off infections and damage caused by insects.


The healthiest and safest solution for getting rid of insects is by removing them by hand. Place them in a paper bag. It can take quite a while, but it’s really the best solution. If you want to try, you can even mix the dead bugs with water and then spray the solution on the leaves. Some gardeners believe that the smell of dead bugs will make other bugs of the same type to leave the plant.

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