Identifying rose bugs

There are a few types of bugs that can harm roses. But because not all bugs are harmful to the plant, it’s important to know how to identify the types of bugs that are in your garden.

The aphids

Aphids are small insects that usually gather in clusters under the leaves of the plants.

These small insects can cause serious problems in your garden so it’s best that you get rid of them.

Garden ants

Because the aphids leave a sticky, sweet trail of sap behind them, ants usually follow. Ants do not harm the roses directly. What they can do is build nests near the roots and in time it’s very probable that they will harm the plant.

Caterpillars and bud worms

These two insects are very dangerous for the plant because they will eat the flower buds and also the leaves. You can identify them by the rolled leaves.

Garden beetles

Although beetles are rarely found harming roses, they still can do some damage. These insects usually make holes in the leaves and flowers.

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