Indoor miniature rose growth

Whether they are grown in pots or hanging baskets, miniature roses are much easier to grow indoors then fully sized roses. Even indoor roses can grow up to 4 feet, but it is best you choose to keep them at a 5 inch height.

Tools and materials

  • 4- to 8-inch pot
  • Tray, a little bigger than the pot
  • Pebbles
  • Peat based soil
  • Grow lights or fluorescent lights
  • Soap solution, spray bottle
  • Soft cloth
The rose must be planted in a 4-8 inch flower pot that has drainage holes.
The soil inside the pot must be peat based soil that doesn’t retain moisture more than the rose needs.
The rose must be watered daily. You can stop watering it so often as soon as the blooms stop appearing.
The rose must be placed in properly ventilated room that gets at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. If you can’t provide the necessary natural light, place a grow light or fluorescent light and keep it on most of the day. Keep the plant away from cold.
Aphids, spider mites and mildew are common rose pests. To keep them away you need to spray the plant twice a week with a mixture of soap and water. Dust is very unpleasant for the plant and so must be kept away and wiped off with a soft cloth if needed.
Dormant plant
After the rose has stopped blooming in summertime, it will remain dormant for about 8 weeks. In this period of time, keep the plant outdoors in a shelter. Make sure to prune 3 inches of the plant’s top before re-potting the soil in the pot and bringing the plant back inside the house.
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