Knock out rose varieties

Knock out roses are the most popular type of roses. This is mostly because of their resistance to just about any conditions. They can thrive in just about any soil and climates.

If hard frost is a frequent issue in your area the rose requires winter protection. This rose can still thrive in dry or rainy areas.

Original knock out rose

This rose usually has red blooms that are rich in scent. It blooms in spring, when the last signs of frost disappear and will last until the first signs of frost in autumn appear.

Pink knock out rose

This rose is very similar to the original knock out rose only it comes in a pink color and is usually used as a border plant that not only discourages intruders but also offers a colorful, pleasant scented hedge.

Blushing knock out rose

Apart from the pale pink color, this rose has the same features as the other knock out rose varieties. It usually is 4-6 feet wide and can reach 4 feet in height.

Double knock out rose

The double knock out rose grows double bloom pods. Each stem has two blooms instead of one, This rose doesn’t require pruning like other varieties do because the dead buds fall off on their own.

Rainbow knock out rose

This rose’s bloom has a peach colored center and a pink edge. Some of these blooms fade to a light pink as they edge.

Sunny knock out rose

Similar to the rainbow knock out rose, the sunny knock out rose grows two color blooms, mostly bright yellow that ages into a pale yellow.

Pink double knock out rose

This pink rose has double budded stems and grows as the same width and height as other varieties. It thrives in spring and summer.


The knock out rose is has been lately discovered. The plant grows in a 4-6 feet across dome and can be planted in any soil type. Although the plant can thrive in shaded areas as in sunny areas, it requires at least 8 hours of direct sunlight to grow properly.

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