Making a rose potpourri

The best solution for making your home more pleasant is by making a rose potpourri and placing it in your home.Making a potpourri isn’t a difficult job, you just need to follow some basic instructions.

Preparing the roses

The first ingredient are, of course, the rose petals.

They will need to be dried. You can also add some small rose buds.

To preserver the best fragrance in your flowers, you will need to pick the roses in the morning. Place the petals on a rack and let them dry. You can turn them over every couple of days. If you want an appealing potpourri, you will need to pay attention on how the colors change when the petals dry. White, pink and yellow petals will almost surely turn brown, while dark red petals will turn dark burgundy.

Other elements

For smell and appearance, you can also add small pines cones and cedar shavings. You can also add lavender flowers, citrus peels and spices like cloves, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, etc.


How does a fixative help? Well fixatives are meant to absorb oils thus retaining the scent mixture. Orris root, oak moss, cellulose, fiber fix bark are all good fixatives.

Scented oil

You can further add a few drops of scented oil. You can strengthen the flavors, or you can add more.

Mixing the ingredients

Place the ingredients in a jar or paper bag and add half a table spoon of fixative for every cup of dry ingredients. Shake them all well and add a couple more drops of scented oil.


  • never keep the potpourri in direct sunlight
  • never use metal containers for the potpourri
  • use small baskets or jars for presenting the potpourri
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