Making your own rose fertilizer

Making your own fertilizer will ensure the quality of it and also it will be a lot cheaper for you. Roses, like all plants, will need a lot of nutrients in order to grow healthy. You do not need to spend a fortune to buy the most expensive chemical fertilizers, when you can make your own, at home.

Adding coffee grounds to the soil is one of the best ways for fertilizing the rose soil. The are two ways to do this: dilute the grounds in the water or bake them at a low temperature and them add them to the soil.


If you’ve decided to dilute the coffee grounds, then you will need to pour half a pound of coffee in 5 gallons of water. Then place the container where you have mixed the two in the sun. Let them a full day, and then pour the solution at the base of the flower.


If you want to first bake the coffee grounds, then you will need to bury them afterwards. For this methods you won’t need to use a large quantity of coffee grounds. 5 or 6 spoons are enough. Bake them and afterwards bury them at the base of the rose. Remember to water the soil.


Making good compost can be really difficult. It’s all about knowing how to place the organic matter. The first layer needs to be rich in leaves, twigs and then place some grass clippings and coffee grounds, eggshells over. After 2 to 6 months you should have a ready to use compost.

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