Multiplying knock out roses

The best way to propagate roses is through clippings. If you do the right thing you can have a new rose in a matter of weeks.

How to cut the clippings

First of all you will need to cut a branch from the rose bush.

You will need to use only 8 inches of the branch, the top part. Also remove all but two leaves. To stimulate growth, the bottom of the clipping will need to be stripped of the bark, making it easier for the plant to absorb the nutrients from the soil.


To make the plant grow faster, you will need the most fertile soil. So what you can do is make your own fertilizer or buy some from your local gardening store. You can buy potting soil or you can use some compost and sand. It’s important that the soil where the clipping will be planted should be dampen. Bury half of the clipping in the soil.

Moving the new plant

You can tell if the clipping has grown roots if it has new leaves. This means that you will need to move it to another location. When you remove the rose from the pot, you will need to remove it with the roots whole and with the earth from the pot. Place it in a hole in your garden and cover it with compost and soil.

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