Perennial flowers

Perennial flowers are long lasting flowers that bloom all year-round. They are a great alternative to those flowers that need to be replaced every time they wilt. Caring for these flowers is also quite easy compared to other types of flowers.

Below you can find a few perennial flowers varieties that can lighten you garden.

The African daisy

This plant has yellow to orange flowers and it blossoms right after the first spring rain. African daisies blossom all summer long. They need to be placed somewhere where they will get lots of sunlight. They do not need much water.

The African iris

This is one of the tallest garden flowers. It ca reach 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width. It has white flowers and needs lots of sunlight. It also need little water and a well drained soil. It’s great to plant it near pathways.

The Lantana Camara

This flower is native from the tropical area of the Americas. It’s also a very tall flower. It comes in many colors. The flowers can be red, white, pink, purple, orange and yellow. It also needs a lot of sun.

The peace lily

This flower is also native from the tropics of America and it can also be found in Southeast Asia. The peace lily is a natural air purifier. It is great for planting it indoors. Unlike the other perennial flowers, it needs little sun and also water. Watering it once a week is enough. But you need to be careful where you place it because it can reach 6 feet in height.

The Wedelia Trilobata

This plant can be planted anywhere in your garden, be it in the sun or shade, as long as the soil is well drained. Because is part of the sunflower family, it has a yellow color. It is a plant that spread rapidly, although it can only reach 1 foot in height.

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