Places to plant knockout rose

Knockout roses are very tough plants. They can leave in partial sunny areas, in most temperatures and also in any kind of soil. These things makes them very popular and also the fact that they bloom all summer.

Soil type

Like all roses, knockout roses like a soil rich in nitrogen and potassium. To make the soil more fertile and good for the roses you will need to use some natural fertilizers, like bone meal and compost. If your garden’s soil is a little acidic, then ad some gypsum to make it more basic.

Sun light

Knockout roses can grown in partial sunny areas, but they cannot grow in shaded areas. So when you’ve decided to plant them, make sure you choose a spot where the sun light is present at least 4-5 hours a day.


Knockout roses are quite tough and can withstand hear and cold, but they will need to be protected against frost. You can add a layer of mulch at the base of the plant to protect it against frost.

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