Planting a knock out rose

Knock out roses are a perfect choice for every garden thanks to the continuous bloom and low maintenance. It’s also one of the most resistant plants.

Planting these roses is very easy.

You can plant them individually or in larger groups. Here are a few tips on how to do things right.

Purchasing the roses

Decide on the color you want for the roses and on the variety.

Where to plant the roses

Knock out roses can thrive even in partial shade, meaning that they do not need 6 hours of sunlight like other types of roses, but can live with only a couple.

What it needs is a soil that is well drained and also a fertile one. Use peat moss or another slow release fertilizer to make the soil richer.

Planting the roses

The best time to plant knock out roses is in the spring. This will ensure a full bloom in the summer.

First of all you will need to dig a hole, a little big larger than the root ball of the plant. Then place the root ball in the hole and then fill it with soil. Add a layer of mulch around the plant.

You will need to add little water to the knock out rose. It’s important to water it more frequently in the first week to make the plant settle.

Caring for the roses

Knock out roses are some of the most sturdy garden plants and need little caring. They are pest and disease resistant. What you will need to do is some pruning in the spring and you will also need to add a layer of mulch over the base of the bush in the winter.

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