Planting bare root roses

The simplest and fastest way to grow roses is by planting bare root roses. You can order them at any gardening store. These roses will be delivered with no leaves and flowers, but they will have roots and they will grow very fast.

Location for the roses

Plant the new roses in a sunny area of your garden. Roses need at least 5 hours of sun per day. You will need to also consider the seasons.

Rose variety

You need to pay great attention to the rose variety. Because roses can be found a large number of varieties, you will need to know some facts about some of your favorite ones. Do you want climbing roses or bushes? Do you want red, yellow, or white roses? Would you like them to be miniature or normal?

Soil preparation

The first thing you need to do after you have chosen a place  for the roses to plant, dig a 2 feet wide hole. Because roses will spread their roots a lot, they will need loose soil. Also consider fertilizing the soil before planting the roses.

How to prepare the roses

Before planting the roses you will need to make sure they are not covered in mildew or if they have any other disease. After you have checked it, place it in a bucket of water for two hours.

Planting the rose

Now comes the simple part. Just place the plant in the holes, and then cover it so that the stem is one inch under the level of the ground. Do not compact the soil near it. Make sure you water the plant after planting it.

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