Planting climbing rose bushes

Climbing roses are amazing to watch. They can add style and beauty to any home. The bad part is that they are tricky to grown and plant.

It’s important choose the perfect place for them. You will need some fertilizer, a pear of shears, a shovel and trellis.

Using the trellis

Climbing roses need to climb, that’s well known. This is where the trellis comes in. Find a place for the roses and then install the trellis. You can plant them near your home.

Preparing the spot

Because they can get really large, climbing roses will also have large roots, and they will need an aired soil. This is why you will need to dig a large hole. Dig a hole 2 feet deep and install the trellis 18 inches away from the hole.

Planting the roses

The trick is to spread the roots in the soil. They need to be very loose. Only then should you cover them with soil. Now you should also consider the graft union of the roses. In warm climates it should be just above the soil and two inches below the soil in colder climates. Climbing roses need to be watered heavily after planting and also during their growth. Also use fertilizer.

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