Planting roses in a pot

If you leave in a flat, but still want to enjoy the beauty of garden roses, don’t despair. You can still have potted roses in your home. Here are a few tips on how to plant and grow pot roses.

Pot size

Because roses can grow larger roots, they will need to be planted in larger pots, that are about 14-16 inches in diameter. Smaller pots will cause problems with the watering and the root system.

Soil composition

It what concerns the soil, you should use high quality  artificial soil because it retains the water much better than common soil. The roses will also need to be watered daily. To feed the roses, you should use a liquid fertilizer once a month.

Caring for the roses

It’s important to stimulate the growth of the plants. one way to do this is by pruning the roses when it’s necessary. It is also important to watch out for insects and fungus. These two pests can cause serious harm to the plant.

In the winter, it’s best to keep them in a temperate room and add plenty of mulch to feed the rose and keep it strong.

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