Planting tea rose bushes

Tea rose bushes are very easy to plant and maintain. The trick is that you need to position them correctly. You will need the tea rose bushes, spades, soil and mulch.

Placing the roses

You need to find a great spot for the roses. The spot needs to have at least five hours of sunlight a day. If you have a spot where the sun only shines in the morning, then choose this one because morning sun is not as intense.

Digging the hole

If the roses are currently held in a container, then make sure the hole is twice its size. The roots will expand and they will need the space. Also dig the hole deep enough.

Adding the soil

Now, after you have dug the hole, fill it half with aerated soil. This will help the roses grow faster.

Planting the roses

Now, all you need to do is place the bushes in the hole and cover them with soil. Use mulch to help them grow.

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