Protecting roses from diseases

Roses are a perfect addition to any home, no matter the style. Like any other plants, roses can be harmed bu pests and diseases. Here are a few tips on how to protect them.

Some of the materials and tools that you will need are: fertilizer, hoses, trimmer, and water.


In order to help the plant stay healthy and strong to fight the diseases and pests, you will need to apply, once a year, an organic fertilizer that is high in phosphorus.


Insects  are a common problem for garden flowers. Aphids and ants are the most harmful for your roses. To remove them you can use an organic pesticide or you can just use a water hose to spray the plant and remove the insects.


There are a few home made remedies for preventing diseases for roses. Some of the most helpful are homemade garlic sprays or tomato leaf sprays. You can also use citrus oil.

Cleaning the rose bushes

Cleaning the flowers if very important, because it will allow it to breath properly and also absorb water and nutrients much faster.

Watering the roses

Water the roses daily. Do not use too much and make sure the soil drains well.

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