Pruning moss roses

Like any other type of roses, moss roses need special attention from time to time. They need watering, sunlight, fertilizers and pruning.

Pruning is an important part of the growing process for the roses.

It needs to be done regularly and properly. Here are a few tips about pruning moss roses:

Time for pruning

Choosing the right time for pruning is very important. By doing it the wrong time you will reduce the amount of blossoms, or even worse, kill the plant.

The perfect time for pruning is in the early spring.

Tools needed

You will need a very sharp pruning knife or a pruning pair of shears. Also, buy a bottle of alcohol to disinfect the shears between plants. This will avoid spreading diseases from rose to rose.

The right way to make the cut is at a 45 degree angle. Have in mind, that if you make a serious cut, you will need to use some carpenter’s glue to prevent infections.

Disposing the cuttings

It’s important to remove all the cuttings, leaves, flowers, buds, stems that you have removed, They may be carrying diseases and you do not want to leave them around your plants. Also, if these parts decompose, they will attract insects.


Removing the shoots from the base of the plant is very important. These will draw nutrients and water from the ground and they can destroy the original plant.

Prune these shoots when you find them.

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