Pruning roses

Pruning usually must be done after the last flower of the rose fades. Pruning the roses will stimulate them to grow more flowers the next year.

Below you will find a few basic facts about pruning and a few techniques.

Some of the tools that you will need are:

  • loppers
  • gloves
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cutting tools

Time to prune

Although it’s best to prune the rose after the flowers have faded, you can still cut dead branches and remove dead flowers ahead of time. The best time to do the pruning is in the late winter.

Tips about pruning

You will need to remove any dead branches, branches that are touching each other, diseased branches. Why should you remove branches that touch each other? Because they can create open areas which can be prone to diseases and insects. Make a 45-degree cut a quarter of an inch above  a new bud.

Parts that need pruning

First of all think of the parts that you want to keep. You will need to keep many of the flowers, leaves and branches, so that the plant can survive. Remove old stems, dying branches, twisted branches, touching branches, dead flowers.

What should you do after the pruning

You should clean the cutting tools with some rubbing alcohol after each rose to prevent any disease from spreading from one plant to another. You should also apply a little alcohol on the cut of each branch.

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