Pruning roses the right way

Like most of your garden flowers, roses will also need to be pruned. Although this is not a difficult job, it needs to be done correctly, in order to maintain the plant healthy and stimulate it to blossom.

Pruning the right way

The best time to prune hybrid, tea and green roses is in the early spring.

You can determine the right time if the rose buds have started to swell.

For older bushes and climbing roses, it’s best to wait a little for the pruning and start the cutting only after their first flowering. By pruning them in the spring, you will make the plant loose its first flowers.

Pruning the wrong way

You should only prune well grown rose bushes that have been planted at least three years. Otherwise you risk killing the plant.

Also use only sharp shears to make clean cuts. Do not tear the twigs or buds, because you will damage the plant.

To keep your rose bushes healthy and strong, prune them only once a year.

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