Rose bud bloom booster

Usually, rose buds sprout and bloom in spring season. Any garden lover who wishes to boost his rose bud blooms in irrespective seasons, needs to take a few factors into consideration.


Supplying your rose bud booms with necessary nutrients is a good way to boost their growth.

You can either buy commercial supplements or make your own household supplement using equal amounts of gypsum, greensand, Epsom salt, fish meal and alfalfa meal and half the amount of bone meal. This is a very effective bloom boost and can be applied in June and later on. The plant requires proper watering after the supplement is applied.


To assure a healthy and beautiful rose bud growth, the plant requires periodical pruning. You need to cut just above the rose buds facing outwards. Avoid pruning the buds facing inwards. This way the sunlight and air reaches the main bush of the plant and helps it grow better. Don’t cut too close to the bud because it will prevent it from growing. Also, don’t cut too far from it as it will kill of the entire cane.


Fungal and bacterial agents will affect the healthy growth of the plant. To help the plant fight these impediments, apply compost tea on a regular basis.

Chemical fertilizers

To improve the health of your rose buds, avoid using chemical fertilizers because they often kill off bacteria beneficial for the plant. Try applying quality organic fertilizers like fish emulsion.

Rose boosting

There are many recipes used by professional gardeners that help boost the growth of a plant. Recipes like warm tea with hydrogen peroxide, whiskey and vitamin B1 are very effective. After you apply this recipe, you can use some liquid detergent on the plant roots. The detergent must be left in the sun for a while before it is used.

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