Rose caring

Taking care of roses is a year round job, but can be much easier than it seems. Spring is the time when you need to prune the plant and take off any dead or damaged branches. Make sure the plant isn’t overcrowded.

Cut the stems until each has a single bud. Thus, the plant grows much better and healthier. Make sure to cut at a slant and make sure any rainwater drains away and doesn’t pool around the plant.

Any green buds that may appear must be pulled out not cut from the plant as they can take over the whole plant. Apply fertilizer every couple of weeks or apply granular rose food. It’s your choice. The rose bush needs watering on a regular basis. Make sure you soak the leaves in water. Don’t perform this on a sunny day because you can burn the leaves.

In summertime, you should prune any dead roses because they keep other blooms from appearing. Also, to protect the bush from diseases, apply 1-2 inches of mulch on the soil of the plant. Ask a professional on pesticides if the plants become diseased. Once winter frost appears, stop fertilizing the plant and apply a layer a few inches thick of soil to the base of the rose bush. If extreme cold is an issue, wrapping the plant in fabrics like hessian which is sack cloth is an efficient solution.

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