Rose caring: winter months

Winter is one of the harshest periods for roses. If they are not protected the right way, then winter may mean their end. Roses grow in years, and they time to be spent on them.

This is why it’s better to protected this time investment by protecting the roses during the freezing temperatures in the winter.

Some roses are more durable than others and can withstand more harsh weather. But most of them will need caring during this time.

In the winter months, freezing is not the main concern, but dehydration. This is caused mainly by winds and by the temperature differences. This effects can be reduces through the right protection.

Start with the base of the rose bush. Build a mound of soil around the base of the base of the rose, until it reaches the first branches. Then use some heavy twine to encircle the outer stalks and bring all the branches together.

You can also build a tent around the bush using evergreen branches. This will reduce the effects of the wind.

Although building a soil mound around the base of the roses will keep it from being affected by the winter, it may damage the branches and the roses may have a late start in the spring. For total protection use a flexible cylinder, tar paper and fill it with organic  material. This is the best insulation for the plants.

The healthiest insulation for the roses is peat moss and ground bark. Do not use leaves or soil.

By spending some time insulating the roses from the harsh weather, can make the difference between healthy roses and dying roses. Protect your time investment because you won’t regret it.

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