Rose color meaning

Roses come in a wide variety of colors. Each of them has a meaning that can be gifted to somebody depending on the occasion and person.


Red roses signify love mainly but also courage, passion, respect and beauty.

These roses are a great gift for a person you love.


A pink rose signifies appreciation, especially of the shade is darker, while a more lighter shade signifies admiration and happiness. This pink rose is a great “Thank you” gift.


The white rose symbolizes happy love, innocence and purity. These roses are usually used at weddings.


Orange roses signify desire and enthusiasm. This is a rare color to be found for roses.


Yellow signifies friendship and joy. A yellow rose gift shows a message of a new beginning. It also is a good “welcome back” or “remember me” gift.


A peach colored rose signifies sincerity. Also, a more pale shade of peach signifies modesty because of its association with a nude body.


The lavender colored rose signifies love at first sight.


The black rose signifies death and farewell. It is the opposite of white, as well as color and meaning.


The blue rose has the meaning of impossibility. This meaning is given by the clear impossibility of a natural blue rose.

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