Rose rust prevention

Rose rust is a disease that affects roses. It consists in dark spots of fungus on the leaves and blossoms of the plant. It is more likely to occur in very humid areas and will spread very fast, mostly by wind.


Inspect your rose plant carefully for the smallest signs of rose rust. The color of the rust can be either a dark yellow or a brown. Be sure to look underneath the plant leaves also. Make sure to apply fungicide on the plant parts that have fungus on them. Any parts of the plant which present dark spots must be cut and eliminated in order to prevent the disease from spreading. Make sure you apply fungicide once every 10-14 days. To increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment, pick off any infected leaves and stems before anything.

Rose rust is pretty hard to spot on a plant but can be easily treatable if dealt with as soon as possible. Make sure to treat the plant the moment you detect any disease signs.

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