Taking care of roses in the winter

Roses are some of the sturdiest plants for your garden. Although they will blossom from summer to winter, even in harsh conditions, they will still need some greater care in the winter season.

New growth

It’s important to stop new growing in the winter.

To do this, you will need to act at the start of the autumn. Stop adding fertilizer from the beginning of the autumn and also do not prune the plants. Like adding fertilizer, pruning also encourages growth.

Wrapping the roses

Just after the last frost, you will need to feed the plant, so you will need to water it and also add fertilizer. Also remove the dead leaves from the base of the roses, to prevent diseases.

Because climbing roses can reach a considerable height, you will need to wrap them in straws. This will help insulate them and protect them from powerful winter winds.

Graft union

For the graft union and root protection, you can add a layer of compost of 6 to 12 inches in height, on all sides of the plant. You can also make a cage around the plant and then fill it with mulch.

Extra protection

For more sensitive plants, like the Grandifloras, Teas and Hybrid teas, you will need to add some extra protection, like the mulch cage, bury the plant or also transplant it in a pot and take it inside your home.

Mulch protection

Mulch is one of the best ways to protect the plant during the winter. What the mulch does is control the soil temperature and restrains the stress on the plant.

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