Trellis types for climbing roses

You can find trellises in many shapes and designs. It really depends on what you want, a support, or a special piece for your garden. For the first choice, you can make a simple wooden trellis for supporting the roses, or even a fence, but if you want something more special, you can opt for a metallic trellis with special designs.

Here are a few trellis types:

Metal trellis for climbing roses

These are the most expensive. They can have intricate designs, making them an important piece of your garden. You can have trellises made out of metal, copper, iron or steel. The shapes are vast, and the designs are beautiful.

Planter trellis for climbing roses

Planter trellises are made for small gardens, like deck, patio or balcony ones. These trellises are usually made of three parts, connected through hinges, and you can put them as you want. They can be made out of wood or vinyl.

Vinyl trellis for climbing roses

Vinyl trellises are great because they are very durable, much more durable than wood trellises. If you live in a harsher climate, you’d better invest in this type of trellis.

Wire trellis for climbing roses

This is a DIY trellis, as it can be done by everyone. All you need is two posts and some galvanizes wire. Just tie the wire around the posts and then use plastic stretch tape to hold the roses on the wire.

Twig trellis for climbing roses

Twig trellises are perfect for gardens with a rustic theme. You can make these by yourself.

Plastic trellis for climbing roses

These can be found in many colors, making them almost invisible through the branches of the roses. They are also very durable.

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