4 steps to replacing a garage door panel

Through years, door panels can get a bad look or they can just get damaged and need to be replaced. When you wanna do this, you’ll need to do some research on the model and the manufacturer, to be sure that you install the right panel.

Some of the tools and materials that you’ll need are: replacement panel, screwdriver, ratchet and socket.

Step1. Ordering the panels.

You need to take a look and see what is the model and the manufacturer of your old panels. Then you’ll need to make a call directly to the manufacturer. It’s better than making the order through a local company.

Step2. Removing the old panels.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the door openers and remove the springs. This way you get sure that the door won’t spring open and cause any injury to you or damage to the panels.

Usually, garage door panels are joined together and also they have some rollers that run through the side tracks. These are the parts that allow the door to move up and down. The bad part about removing these kind of panels is that if the one you need to remove is at the top, then you’ll need to remove every panel to reach that one.

Most of the times, door panels are fixed together through some bolts or screws. You’ll need just a screwdriver and just remove the bolts. After the panels have been loosened, lift the panels up to get them off the tracks.

Step3. Replacing the door panels.

The new panels should be easily installed. You just need to lock them into place and the screw them on. After this just reattach the old panels until you put back in place the whole garage door. Then put the springs back and be sure they are tightly fixed. Plug the garage door back in. Operate the opener to see if the doors works fine.

Step4. Finishing

You can finish the job by repainting the garage door, because the new panel will surely have another color the the old ones.

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