Garage Door and Secure Radio Operators

A few years ago, the design of most garage doors was very limited. Now you can choose from wood made doors, to fiberglass garage doors. Some of them are so special, that you can’t tell if they are made from real wood, or just covered in a special texture.

Manufacturers saw the changing demand on garage doors and adapted to it. Not only that they improved the look of the doors, but the quality and efficiency too. All problems have been solved and now you can purchase just the garage door you want.

Improvements have been made in the security of the doors, as well. Now they are operated by radio devices that have a combination of more the 4 billion codes. This makes it almost impossible for someone to copy the radio signal.

Energy issues

If it happens that you have a room above the garage, then you must think of the insulation of the garage door. However, if the door is insulated, this doesn’t mean that the garage will be warm all the time. You need to pay attention to weather-stripping details around the entire edge of the door, the spaces between the door panels and the bottom door seal.

A DIY (Do It Yourself) job?

There is no joke when it comes to garage doors installation. This is not a job you can do by yourself. It is better to call a professional because you don’t want the heavy door to come crashing down on your car, or worse, on yourself.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are very durable, especially if they are zinc coated. They offer the same insulation of any other garage door and are cheaper than fiberglass doors.

Hardware improvements

Garage hardware has suffered a lot of improvement. Steel parts have almost completely been replaced by plastic parts. Now there are used more and more nylon rollers and suspension. All these materials offer a more precise handling of the doors.


If you purchase a new door, don’t think that you have escaped the process of maintenance. This can be partially applied to fiberglass doors that need only a stain time to time.

Steel doors need to be stained once in a few years. A little oil also goes a long way. Lubrication of the moving parts is essential.

With a proper inspection and maintenance, a door garage can last as well as 30 years.

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