Garage doors

Through out the years, garage doors have suffered a lot of improvement, and today, the technology advances allow the installation of quiet, insulated, and secure doors.

Garage door materials have changed from wood and steel to fiberglass. This makes it easier for those who want a wood pattern, but don’t actually want this type of door.

The insulation problem has also been solved. This new kind of doors has a tight seal that doesn’t allow wind or water to come into the garage. The crash problem has also been solved. If you get your fingers between the edges of the door, you won’t be hurt. There is a special system that pushes your fingers out of the way.

Radio controlled doors were a problem. High-tech thieves could copy the signal and use it to open the doors themselves. Now, almost all doors have a special device that creates a random signal each time the remote control is used. This makes it impossible to open the door by anyone else.

You should be very careful with the installation of the door. In fact it’s better not to do it yourself. It’s a big mechanical object that can cause serious injuries. Always call a specialist when installing a garage door.

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