How to fix your garage door

Repairing the garage door

If the garage door doesn’t work anymore, then here are some tips of where you should do first:

  • first check the metal tracks. See if the mounting brackets are loose. If so, tighten them.
    Look to see if there are any dents, crimps or flat spots on the tracks. If the tracks are damaged beyond repairable, than replace them.
  • align the tracks.
  • you should clean the rollers and tracks with household cleaner and then dry them up.
  • check for loose hardware.
  • adjust the tension of the springs.

Repairing the door opener

There are two types of openers. Extension and torsion springs.

Extension size are situated on both sides of the door and are quite big.Torsion springs are actually coiled springs mounted above the door.

If these are damaged, then call a professional. You can get hurt because of the high tension.

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