How to replace a garage door opener

Here are some quick steps for replacing a garage door opener.

Step1. Determine the problem.

First of all you’ll need to find out what causes the opener to malfunction. You may need to replace the entire opener or just a few parts.

One of the problems may be just a noisy door opener. This can be the cause of overused chain unit. Also you need to think of the age of the door opener. Old models don’t have many safety features that can be life saving.

Step2. The type of the opener

There are three models of door openers from which you can choose: chain, belt and screw drives.

Chain drives are the oldest and they make a lot of noise, but they are great for heavy doors.

The screw drives are an improvement for the chain drives but only a few people use them. They are a little quitter than the chain ones.

The belt drives are the newest and the most quiet. Instead of a chain, the system uses a rubber belt to open and close the door.

Step3. Choosing the features.

There are some new features that you can use. One of them is a battery backup. This means that you can open the door even when the power is off. This can be a very useful feature.

Another feature is keyless entry pads. This way you can open the garage door only by entering a code. It is also great when you lose the keys or just unlock yourself out if you forget to bring the keys.

Step4. Installation

Many places from where you can buy parts also offer installation. You should think of calling a professional if you are not prepared for a task like this.

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