Installing a garage door

The process of garage door installation can differ from system to system. If you wan’t to do it by yourself then you should think of buying a simple door opener.

The first most important thing is to carefully read the door manual.

There are some things you need to have in mind before the installation, and that is rotten wood and if the wall are perfectly aligned and parallel.

Be sure to use the tools approved by the manufacturer. Pay close attention to the bottom brackets that attach to the bottom corners of the first section. These brackets must be securely attached to the door. Remember that brackets are attached to the lifting system and they suffer a lot of tension. If they are not securely fastened, then they can rip off.

Single-wide garage doors are often the easiest to install. As garage doors get wider, the sections get increasingly heavier. The final weight of a garage door can easily reach 400 pounds or more.

This is why you need to be sure that the overhead track is securely supported and in perfect alignment. If the door comes out of the track then it can fall on your car.

Pay extra attention to the spring system. Most of them are perfectly adjusted so that they can be opened by hand half-way and then just stay in that position.

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