Parts to know before beginning garage door installation

Like in every project of this kind, you need to know the parts involved and their functionality. This can provide a better understanding of the process and you don’t need to follow the manual all the time.

Torsion spring

This is a coiled spring that forces the door to go up and down.

Cable drum

An oiled sprocket that the torsion spring runs through on both ends of the garage door.

Bearing plate

This is actually a piece of sturdy metal that helps to stabilize the tension of the garage door going up and down.

Lift bracket

These are grooved sheets of metal that is molded like a track mounted on each side of the door, and helps the garage doors go up and down.


They are small wheels that help the door to run smoothly up and down.

Top roller carrier

This is the guiding roller to the series of rollers.


These are places at every section the garage door needs to bend. Usually there are 5 horizontal and 4 vertical.

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