Selection tips for garage doors openers

You should pay attention when you are choosing a garage door opener. There are many systems, and many are chip based. This means that they can malfunction very easily if there is a power surge.
We’ll take a look at some systems that are very reliable.

Drive system

Screw drive systems are the most popular because of the fewer moving parts. This makes it more silent.

Chain drive can still be found on the market. They used a system of chains, but had the problem of popping off the sprockets. This problem is solved now.


Be careful to read the warranty details. Many companies offer life time warranty and even technical support.

Door opening speed

Most of the standard garage doors open and close at a rate of 6-8 inches per second. If you can afford a more expensive system, you can open the door twice as fast.

Safety Beam

Federal law mandates that door openers should be equipped with safety beams. These are sensors that detect any movement in the direction of the door and stops it when it detects something. Be careful to respect the indication of the place of installation of these sensors.

Contact reversing system

This is a very important option. This prevents the crushing of objects. When the doors detect an object in the closing area, they reverse and open up.

Time reversing system

This option opens the doors if they don’t completely close within 30 seconds.

Manual emergency system

With this system you can handle the door in case of a power outage or in case the safety system is down and someone is trapped under the door.

Transmitter security codes

Make sure you buy a system with a random code roller. This will make it more secure.

Multi button transmitter

This allows you to operate multiple garage doors using only one remote.

Wireless keypad

This is a system that allows a person to operate the door if they know the security code.

On-board diagnostics

Some door openers systems have a special feature with some LED lights that generate codes in case of a system failure. This way you will know what is wrong with the system.

Power cord

Most units come with a short electric cord for a reason. Do not use an extension cord, always extend a proper electric outlet to the opener.

Garage ceiling headroom

Pay attention to models that are designed to fit in small spaces. Calculate the space in your garage and then buy an opener that fits perfectly.

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