5 things you need to know about carport kits

Carports are the easiest way to build a shelter for your car. There are some things that you need to know before you go shopping for these kits.


It’s a good idea to think about the material that it is used for the kits’ construction.

Some of the most popular materials are aluminum, alumawood and steel constructions. The difference between them is that you can get different warranty periods, some to about 20 years.

Shipping costs

Most of the times, the shipping costs are included in the price of the kit. You just need to be sure that the costs are really included and you don’t find out that you need to pay extra for it. Search for the same kit on more manufacturers. You may find the same kit with a smaller shipping cost.

Local building code

Many states have a serious regulation concerning new buildings. That’s why you need to check if you need any special permit for the carport. You will surely need the construction plans. It also depends what material are you using for the construction. Check the code first and then buy the kit.

Size needed

Be sure that the kit has the right size. Make sure that you order a double carport or a simple one. Check the measures. You may need to adjust some dimensions. If you want to hide an old carport, check the measures of the new kit to see if it allows you to do that.

Custom carports

Most companies offer custom made carport kits. But before honoring the order, they will need to see if it is possible, architecturally speaking, for the kit to be constructed. Of course, the kit will have a much higher price then a standard one, but at least you will know that you don’t to do any modifications.

Carport kits are an excellent alternative to a garage. It’s much cheaper and also it cuts down the time needed to construct and also find materials. With so many carports on the market, it will be practically impossible not to find one that suits your needs.

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